For Port of Aalborg, CSR is not merely three popular letters. CSR is an integral part of our DNA and our strategy, The Intelligent Port. The concept works from a holistic mindset, not merely to generate economic growth but to help create a good life for the people of Aalborg, both at work and at home. In order to achieve this, it is essential that the local community and environment function well. To this end, Port of Aalborg plays an important part as one of the area’s major economic operators – and we can, must and will take responsibility.

A successful business sector is the prerequisite for continued growth in the Aalborg area. It will help attract people to the area, lead to more welfare and increase perception of a healthy working life and private life. With this in mind, it is Port of Aalborg’s stated mission to create the best possible opportunities for companies to develop in the area, in order to generate more value-adding workplaces and, in turn, to contribute to Aalborg Municipality’s Business and Sustainability Strategy.

The focal point for development of Aalborg's business sector is an ability and will to form partnerships. Consequently, this plays a key role in all of our CRS initiatives. No partnerships, no development. Port of Aalborg is therefore involved in a variety of partnerships and collaborations aimed at making Aalborg an attractive place to live, work and develop a business.

Our CSR strategy is divided into three main focus areas: partnerships, green transition and the good life. With these three themes as our starting point, we implement targeted initiatives to secure advancement of the business sector, civil society and the environment, both locally and globally – to ensure that, as a community, we continue to develop, both at work and at home. Accordingly, in connection with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we focus in particular on six goals:

  • 4: Quality Education
  • 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities 
  • 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Download Port of Aalborg's CSR report 2020


Port of Aalborg makes use of partnerships to create the right framework for promoting business development in Aalborg – and in Aalborg East, in particular. Collaboration with Aalborg University, UCN, Invest In Aalborg, utilities companies, Aalborg Municipality, among others, gives us access to the latest knowledge and research. This, in turn, enables us to develop effective solutions for both well-known and new issues relating to innovation, production, logistics and, not least, green business models.

Green transition

Port of Aalborg aim to improve and promote environmental development and, to this end, we make targeted efforts to boost green transition. Port of Aalborg is continually making environmental improvements to minimise our own climate and environmental footprint. Furthermore, by implementing eco-conscious initiatives, we are able to offer versatile infrastructure solutions that benefit users and the environment alike. To us, it is crucial to focus on reducing our use of resources, on recycling waste products and on industrial symbiosis.

The good life

Port of Aalborg does its best every day to help create the good life – not just for the company’s employees but for users of the port and for the local community, too. An efficient working environment and safety are priorities for us. And our local community – particularly Aalborg East – is of major importance, to both the business and the civil sectors. Port of Aalborg is therefore dedicated to providing good experiences, residential areas, educational opportunities, workplaces and much more.

CSR management: ISO/DS 49001

At Port of Aalborg, we are aware that, as a company, we have a responsibility towards the local community. We have therefore chosen to become certified in CSR management. The CSR certification systematises our relations with the local community. It ensures that we regularly develop our systems and it challenges our business management and priorities. 

Sponsor for culture and sport

If we want to attract qualified workers to Aalborg Municipality, the town must be able to offer a broad range of attractions, including culture and sport. A percentage of Port of Aalborg’s profits is therefore earmarked for specific projects in Aalborg East and at the waterfronts in Nørresundby and Aalborg. As a result, the Aalborg Waterfront Association, of which we are a member, is able to award a number of sponsorships every year. The sponsorships are primarily used for activities on and around the fjord: for example, the Aalborg Regatta and the Tall Ships Races.

Port of Aalborg’s CSR strategy focuses especially on Aalborg East, where the majority of our activities take place. Among other things, we are the driving force behind the Cool East sponsorship association. Cool East is the Aalborg Pirates ice hockey club’s main sponsor and is also responsible for activities such as charity events, concerts, carnival entertainment, a theme park, pillow fights, fitness days, school tuition and many more fun attractions for children and families. Other recipients of sponsorships include AaB’s women’s football team and youth ice hockey team, EH Aalborg women’s handball team, the MurMal painting on the Hedegaard Silo and Stigsborg Waterfront.