Gate to great

There is a place where horizons are so much wider, and skies are higher - both physically and mentally. A place to inspire vision, experimental thought and provide a space for both people and new ideas. 

In Aalborg, we are leaders in transformation thanks to our location by the fjord where our port has been a vital hub – not only for Northern Denmark, but for the entire Skandinavia. This has throughout history, afforded us countless impulses from outside and promoted an openness of mind, an unpretentious mentality and a vigour.

We were there when industrious merchants began trading Internationally and Denmark’s large and prominent factories placed our city squarely on the map. We played a key role when North Atlantic trading took off, and we are a central player in Aalborg’s transformation from an industrial town to a contemporary, smart city.

Knowledge and innovation are essential keywords for the Port of Aalborg - we are much more than a traditional port or transport hub. We are the gateway to a new and better future creating growth, new jobs and opportunities for the benefit of both business and the community alike - and with global impact.

We’ve grown considerably during the years, and we intend to keep on growing into one of the largest business parks in Denmark, offering flexible and ideal locations for both Business-related and Industrial purposes. A business park where symbiosis and resource sharing have been thought of, and green transition is being used proactively to create new business opportunities

We understand the challenges of tomorrow, and due to our specialized knowledge we are capable of offering effective solutions to both known as well as new issues and challenges - in innovation, production, transport, logistics, and not least, in sustainable business models.

Moreover, the unique advantages engendered from our close collaboration with both the University of Aalborg, as one of the best technical universities in the World, and Aalborg Municipality,  has now led to our ambition of being the Green Test Area in Denmark, which supports the UN sustainable development goals.

To us, growth is all about standing together. About empowering each other through joint efforts and sharing of knowledge. About pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve and transforming what’s 'good' into 'great' - not only for businesses, but for the entire community. Together we create the foundation for growth, innovation and sustainable breakthroughs.

We are Port of Aalborg - gate to great

Multimodal port area

  • Denmark's fifth largest port in terms of total volume of cargo
  • Multimodal logistics hub, offering transport via sea, road and rail
  • 4.1 million square metres of land in Aalborg Ø, Aalborg C, Nørresundby and Vodskov
  • 100 established companies on port land
  • 162,000 m2 of warehousing and offices (including 7,100 m2 cooling/freezing capacity)
  • 2 rail terminals and direct connection to the European rail network
  • Direct feeder route to Hamburg
  • 10.4 m water depth
  • 7 km quay section
  • 5 km to the E45 motorway and 15 km to Aalborg Airport
  • Own transport centre

Built from a port

Even though Aalborg was declared a port by Royal Decree 550 years ago, historians estimate that the city has been here for more than a 1,000 years. Over the years, Aalborg’s port activities have been a focal point in the private and working lives of generations. Supporting the growth of enterprising traders and businesses. Easing the transition from market town to industry and manufacturing. Facilitating the relocation of industry and the prosperity of the East Port. And, not least, supporting the transformation of Aalborg from industrial town to science city with an urban port that offers cultural activities, recreational oases, educational institutions, residential areas, festivals and much more.