Group structure

The Port of Aalborg group is a public limited company, wholly owned by Aalborg Municipality. The parent company, Port of Aalborg A/S, has 90 highly qualified employees and seven independent subsidiaries, each with its own function.

Board of directors (Port of Aalborg group)

Members of the Port of Aalborg group’s board of directors include politicians, business executives and employees. The current members are:

Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, Mayor, Social Democratic Party

Deputy Chair
Lars Krull, Senior Advisor, Department of Business and Management, Aalborg University

Jens Toft-Nielsen, CEO & chartered land surveyor, Toft-Nielsen
Vibeke Gamst, town councillor, Conservative People’s Party
Per Clausen, town councillor, Red-Green Alliance
Jan Nymark Thaysen, town councillor, Venstre - The Liberal Party of Denmark
Kristoffer Hjort Storm, town councillor, Danish People’s Party

Employee-elected representatives
Jesper Schou Madsen
Michael Rosenkilde Lind
Allan Næs Gjerding
Søren Schiødt Nielsen