ISO-certified management system

Under The Intelligent Port strategy, Port of Aalborg is ISO-certified for quality, environment, risk and CSR. The combination of these particular four management systems enables us to work systematically and intelligently on a daily basis, taking both the business and ethics into account. The four systems act together as one single management system, which is an exceedingly competent and effective tool for the complex, modern knowledge society in which businesses operate today.

Quality management: ISO 9001

Port of Aalborg has three main business areas: Port operations, infrastructure and leasing of land and buildings. In these three areas, we operate on extremely competitive markets. It is therefore crucial that we focus on clients and that we keep enhancing our skills, becoming more effective and intensifying focus on improvements. To this end, Port of Aalborg holds quality management certification. Our management system now contains a number of agreements on work processes and methods, ensuring systematic work and control. The aim of the quality management system is to:

  • meet the needs and expectations of clients and other stakeholders
  • comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to quality of our services
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • have a risk-based and opportunity-based mindset

Environmental management: ISO 14001

Based on prioritised and long-term climate and environmental activities, Port of Aalborg aims to take the lead on environmentally sustainable development. To this end, we are certified in environmental management. This means that we are committed to systematic monitoring and management of environmental conditions at the port and to working continually to make environmental improvements. Our environmental management system helps us to:

  • perform an annual environmental review of the company
  • continually improve our environmental performance, going beyond what is required by law
  • adopt an environmental policy and set targets for our environmental activities
  • outline new annual goals and action plans for environmental improvements
  • publish our environmental policy on environmental performance
  • actively involve employees in environmental activities

Risk management: ISO 31000

Over the years, Port of Aalborg’s portfolio and processes have become more complex. As a result, the risk scenario has also increased greatly in complexity. We have therefore decided to introduce risk management, in order to structure our work to minimise risks for the entire port. The aim of the risk management system is to:

  • identify, evaluate and handle all of the risks to which our business may be exposed, at strategic, process-oriented and operational levels
  • create a holistic and coordinated basis for decision-making
  • strengthen our improvement culture
  • bolster the working environment

CSR management: ISO/DS 49001

At Port of Aalborg, we are aware that, as a company, we have a responsibility towards the local community. We have therefore chosen to become certified in CSR management. The CSR certification systematises our relations with the local community. It ensures that we regularly develop our systems and it challenges our business management and priorities. The system also draws attention to CSR, so that we are aware of and always work to add both social and ethical value for the community. We do this by helping create new jobs and new businesses but also by helping make Aalborg a great place to live.

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