Partnerships and collaboration

Based on Port of Aalborg’s strategy, The Intelligent Port, we give strategic partnerships and strong relationships a high priority. Our philosophy is that growth occurs when people, opinions, and knowledge meet. Consequently, we believe that the best way to create innovation and growth-enhancing activities is to work together.

Port of Aalborg is therefore a significant driving force in the creation and development of strategic partnerships with municipal authorities, utility companies, and business enterprises and networks.

We also work closely with leading knowledge institutions such as Aalborg University, UCN, and Novi. This gives us access to the latest knowledge and research, which, in turn, enables us to develop effective solutions for both well-known and new issues relating to innovation, production, logistics, and, not least, green business models.

Green business models are also key elements of Network for Sustainable Business Development Northern Denmark (Netværk for Bæredygtig Erhvervsudvikling NordDanmark) and BusinessNetwork 9220 (ErhvervsNetværk 9220). BusinessNetwork 9220 is a strategic partnership between almost 200 businesses in Aalborg East and is the force behind major development projects such as Environment++ (Miljø++) - see video below.

For us, it’s all about pulling together; about creating collective development by adding value for both the individual business and the local community. It will benefit us all in the long run.

Miljø++ (Environment++, red.) is an ambitious, strategic collaboration between a long list of local operators who wish to turn the Aalborg East business park into an incubator for sustainable solutions and business models.

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