Port of Aalborg works hard to ensure sustainability; one of the key pillars of our activities, both in our daily work and in our strategic development plans.

We take the lead when it comes to sustainable development. We support greening, both globally and locally. Together with numerous local operators – including Aalborg University, municipal authorities, utilities companies, businesses, and business networks, we make targeted efforts to:

  • develop Green Hub Denmark
  • develop and gain recognition for Aalborg as the green capital of Europe
  • develop and gain recognition for Aalborg as Denmark's leading sustainable industrial circular economy
  • contribute to The UN Sustainable Development Goals

We participate in a range of local, national, and international networks and partnerships. However, we also work to promote green transition within our own walls. For example, we reduced our electricity consumption and carbon emissions by approximately 40% between 2010 and 2018. In addition, we have introduced a range of initiatives ourselves. These include eco-friendly cranes, electric bicycles and cars, light-control LED lighting both outdoors and indoors, energy optimisation of buildings, recycling of waste products, solar cell systems, bicycle paths, etc.

Contact us for further details of your options for green collaboration with Port of Aalborg and the other businesses at the port. 

Environmental management: ISO 14001

Based on prioritised and long-term climate and environmental activities, Port of Aalborg aims to take the lead on environmentally sustainable development. To this end, we are certified in environmental management. This means that we are committed to systematic monitoring and management of environmental conditions at the port and to working continually to make environmental improvements.

Port of Aalborg's Environmental Policy

Port of Aalborg makes a concentrated effort to ensure sustainable development. We have an explicit environmental policy which governs our actions at both micro and macro level. The policy sets out how we:

  • Maintain and further develop our certified environmental management system as a focal point for managing and improving environmental work
  • Involve employees in active environmental efforts and motivate them to demonstrate environmental accountability in their daily work
  • Comply with binding environmental obligations. Furthermore, we work to ensure even more efficient use of resources in order to minimise energy consumption and direct impact on the environment. This includes imposing environmental requirements when purchasing new equipment
  • Prevent environmental accidents and establish and maintain emergency plans for mitigating the environmental impact of such accidents
  • Collaborate actively with our clients, suppliers, relevant authorities and other users of the port’s infrastructure to ensure access to effective and environmentally friendly transport and logistics solutions, infrastructure and commercial tenancies

Miljø++ (Environment++, red.) is an ambitious, strategic collaboration between a long list of local operators who wish to turn the Aalborg East business park into an incubator for sustainable solutions and business models.

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