The Intelligent Port

Port of Aalborg’s activities are based on a strategy we call The Intelligent Port. The aim of The Intelligent Port is to ensure that Port of Aalborg holds its fate in its own hands. We want to be able to create our own future in this changing world, and we want to help improve the employment rate and business development, not only in the port area but also in the town of Aalborg and the whole of Region Northern Jutland – through broad collaboration and intelligent solutions across the entire logistics chain.

The basic principle behind The Intelligent Port is that Port of Aalborg has two roles: as a business and as an integrator. On the one hand, Port of Aalborg is a traditional business, encompassing operations, optimisation, maintenance of infrastructure and commercial rentals. The aim is to increase turnover, secure stable business and unlock and develop the potential of our employees. On the other hand, Port of Aalborg acts as an integrator, promoting collaboration and development of businesses and the local community. Here, the aim is to help raise the employment rate, boost growth and increase prosperity in the local community.

The two roles are interdependent, because a healthy and economically growing business is essential for Port of Aalborg to act as an integrator. Equally, development and growth in the surrounding businesses are essential if the Port of Aalborg is to realise its ambitions for growth.

Due to The Intelligent Port strategy, Port of Aalborg has in recent years evolved from a classic port into a knowledge- and development-based inland port and multimodal logistics hub.

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Port of Aalborg aims to make it attractive for existing and new businesses to settle in the surrounding business park. 

The aim is based on The Intelligent Port strategy, in which Port of Aalborg increasingly shifts focus from water-based solutions to development of shore-based solutions – to operate as an inland port with a 360-degree catchment area and intermodal logistics hub. 

Port of Aalborg aims to ensure optimal development opportunities for companies in the business park, and by doing this help businesses evolve from GOOD TO GREAT.


Port of Aalborg will be a significant growth generator, contributing to a rise in the employment rate, increased prosperity and the good life for the people of Aalborg – both at work and at home.

Port of Aalborg will also play a key part in the development and recognition of Aalborg as Europe’s green capital and Denmark's leading sustainable industrial circular economy. 

Port of Aalborg will be GATE TO GREAT.