Cargo and services

Port of Aalborg is a major hub in the European transport corridor, providing a direct link between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Its location is ideal for access to Limfjorden, the motorway, the railway, the airport and the city of Aalborg. It offers optimal conditions for effective handling of all types of cargo, and we handle around 3 million tonnes of cargo every year.

Gate to great

Port of Aalborg is more than a traditional port or transport hub. We work with partnerships and collaboration. Sustainability and greening. Symbiosis and synergies. Knowledge and growth. Innovation and development. Transport and logistics. Challenges and solutions. On shore and on water. Transformation and intelligence. Ideas and experiments. Today and tomorrow. Local and global. Job creation and prosperity. Healthy working and personal life. And so on ... That is why, we dare to call Port of Aalborg "gate to great".

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