A modern business park

The market for commercial properties is under pressure. Both municipal and private operators are therefore investing in property in postcode 9220, where Port of Aalborg’s primary activities are located. Why? Because we have the space, skills, expertise, innovation, growth, partnerships, synergies and a wealth of strong businesses. And this is precisely why Aalborg Municipality has chosen this area to be Aalborg’s future business development and growth zone.

Port of Aalborg is constantly working on developing the physical infrastructure and land around the port area. To this end, we have drawn up a specific development plan. Our plan reflects the potential future allocation of port land up to 2050, focusing on expanding the business park, land use, mobility and facilities, and with an eye to flexibility, the environment, collaboration and technological development.

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Port of Aalborg East

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Port of Aalborg Central

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Port of Aalborg North

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Port areas

Port of Aalborg owns more than 4 million square metres of well-situated port land, on both sides of Limfjorden, close to the motorway, railway, airport and, of course, the port itself.

Each parcel of land has its own function, from Port of Aalborg, East in 9220 Aalborg East to Central Port in 9000 Aalborg, on the south bank of Limfjorden. On the north bank of the fjord, Port of Aalborg has at its disposal North Port in 9400 Nørresundby and Port of Aalborg, North in 9320 Vodskov. 

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