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Port of Aalborg’s port areas are constantly changing. Existing clients expand their businesses, the needs of others change over time, and new clients join us. Port of Aalborg has a large stock of buildings, with more than 160,000 m² of warehousing, offices and production facilities. And there is always more in the pipeline. We have premises of all sizes, starting at 20 m².


Port of Aalborg has many years of experience of newbuilds, and our staff includes specialists in all stages of the process, from planning, drawings and contact to the authorities to construction and commissioning. It is up to you whether you choose a rental contract for small premises or to build completely new headquarters. In the latter case, you may need someone to act as a sounding board throughout the process.

Whether you wish to move into existing buildings, offices or warehouses, or you are looking for new facilities tailored to your own specific needs, you are welcome to contact us to hear about the options.

Development Plan 2050

Port of Aalborg is constantly working on developing the physical infrastructure and land around the port area. To this end, we have drawn up a specific development plan. Our plan reflects the potential future allocation of land for commercial purposes up to 2050, focusing on expanding the port area, land use, mobility and facilities, and with an eye to flexibility, the environment, collaboration and technological development.

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