Business park

We have created a business park with ideal, versatile locations for business and industrial purposes, providing optimal opportunities for meeting the global agenda and operating on the global stage. We focus on knowledge, development and synergies, and your business will become an integral part of a business park in which companies all have valuable experience to share. With its strong partners and networks, one of the best technical universities as a neighbour and an ambitious green business community, Port of Aalborg has everything you need to be at the cutting edge, every day.

Maritime information

Each year, Port of Aalborg receives more than 1,000 ships from all over the world. They sail in through Limfjorden and arrive at the docks with cargo, equipment and crews. In addition to this, we have many hundreds of employees and people who visit our port areas on other business. This imposes demands on our water-based and shore-based organisation, and we therefore do our utmost to provide detailed information about water levels, navigation conditions, port security, safety procedures, rules of conduct, waste management, customs, ships in port and many other port-related activities. 

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