Container terminal focused on intelligent cargo handling and your business

In Aalborg, you will find a container terminal, which via the weekly feeder route to and from some of the world's largest container ports in Hamburg and Bremerhaven is linked with the global network to the rest of the world. The port of Aalborg offers easy access to transport via water, road and rail, and affords ideal conditions for combined logistics solutions for container goods that are tailored to your business.

Our 100,000 m2 container terminal has all the necessary facilities and equipment for the safe and efficient handling and storage of containers of all types and sizes:

  • Weekly feeder routes to Hamburg and Bremerhaven
  • Reefer plugs
  • PTI of reefer containers
  • BIP veterinary control
  • Interchange and CSC control
  • Container service at an approved workshop
  • Customs warehouse
  • Own railway track and terminal
  • Easy access to parking

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A new container terminal – on your terms

In 2023, Port of Aalborg assumes responsibility for the operation and development of the container terminal in Aalborg, however with a new structure. It will become a flexible container terminal with plenty of space, intermodal logistics and an extraordinarily fast turnaround that reduces transport time, costs and climate impact. The aim is to create competitiveness for the users of the terminal through intelligent, technological cargo handling and tailor-made solutions that we fashion in collaboration with you to suit your business.

A stronger logistical setup

The transport centre in the East Port is currently undergoing significant expansion. The expansion will both meet increasing demand for warehouse and cargo handling square metres and bolster the logistics setup around container traffic to and from Aalborg. Consequently, both customers and partners can avail of optimal conditions for logistics solutions with connectivity to sea, road and rail.

A greener terminal via technology and automation

Port of Aalborg participates in the international EU research project AEGIS (Advanced Efficient and Green Inter-modal System), in which smart technologies and automation solutions are developed that are trialled using Port of Aalborg as a test platform. Specific proposals are also being created for how to construct a new fully automated terminal that can handle both RORO, container and bulk transport via short sea shipping and the rail network, both of which have tremendous potential for making the transport sector greener.

Using the container terminal during the rest of 2022

For the rest of 2022, the container terminal will be undergoing preparation for the takeover at the turn of the year. However, customers and partners can of course continue to use the container terminal as before.

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Global connectivity via weekly feeder route

Direct connection to Hamburg, one of the world's largest container terminals

Ideal infrastructure

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Centrally located in Scandinavia with first-class facilities

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From E45 to container swap at Aalborg port and departure in less than 14 minutes!

Reducing ...

✔ Transportation time
✔ Costs
✔ Environmental impact

Too good to be true? In Aalborg, it is business as usual.

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