Facilities and equipment

Port of Aalborg assists throughout the entire process, from reception, screening and handling of cargo to storage, packing and further distribution. We have the following facilities and equipment to deal with this:

  • Five port areas: Port of Aalborg East, Port of Aalborg Central, Oil terminal, North Port and Port of Aalborg North
  • Total area: 4.1 million m2
  • Metres of docks: 5,560 m
  • Water depth: Up to 10.4 m
  • Tank storage: 715.000m3
  • Six rail terminals
  • Warehouses and offices: 162,000 m2 (including 7,100 m2 cooling/freezing capacity)
  • 2 mobile cranes, 3 stiff boom cranes and 2 coal cranes
  • Lorries and contractors' machinery
  • Marine stock: Alba, Balder and Bella
  • Public customs warehouse

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