Port of Aalborg believes that freight transport by rail will be one of tomorrow’s key forms of transport due to the fact that it is more sustainable than traditional alternatives, such as road transport. For this reason, we are investing and continually expanding our facilities to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of developments and to enable us to offer our clients the best, future-proof logistics solutions. We are directly connected to the European rail network and, with three weekly departures and arrivals via the port of Aalborg, we can offer a transport solution that is both green and flexible. 

Port of Aalborg has two freight terminals at the East Port where it is possible to work from both sides of the train along a stretch more than 350 metres in length. There is a 16 km mainline route from Aalborg main station to the port of Aalborg, and just before the port there are two sidings, 402 and 546 metres in length, for shunting.

Furthermore, we have facilities and equipment to help with loading and off-loading of all types of cargo as well as a combination of logistics solutions for further distribution of your cargo. There are also different storage options at different terminals.

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