Service solutions

As a Port of Aalborg business partner, you will receive service of the highest quality. In addition to handling and storing cargo, we provide water-based and shore-based service solutions, both for our temporary clients and for those who have settled permanently in our port areas. We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

Water-based services
Our technical department has many years’ experience of sounding and dredging. We can help you plan, give advice, perform inspections and prepare documentation for the dredging and depositing of sediment. We have our own surveying vessels for dredging in all conditions, specialist engineers, state-of-the-art GPS and dredging equipment and sophisticated software. In addition, we have two boats for servicing ships arriving in port: the tug vessel Alba and the supply vessel Busse.

Shore-based services
As a top-performing logistics business, we help you handle your cargo and design clever logistics solutions, tailored to your own needs. We are continually seeking to develop tomorrow’s logistics solutions in collaboration with Aalborg University and other leading research and knowledge institutions and networks, with the aim of implementing them in our processes. In addition to providing modern facilities, we help establish professional collaboration with haulage contractors to ensure customised freight solutions, combining transport by sea, road and rail. 

Special service solutions for companies in our port areas
Companies situated at the port of Aalborg do not merely benefit from proximity to the motorway, Limfjorden and the rail network. We make an effort to provide the best options and service solutions to make things easier for companies, allowing them to spend time on what they do best. Among other things, we can help with:

  • Data and IT
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Waste management
  • Canteen service
  • Health centre and healthcare scheme
  • Stowing and packing containers
  • Warehouse administration

Canteen service
The canteen at Port of Aalborg serves the majority of the companies at the East Port. The canteen also has meeting facilities: one room seats 12 and the other 24. The meeting rooms can be joined together to create one large room to seat 40. The canteen itself can also be used for large meetings. All rooms have audio-visual equipment.

Defibrillators and safety equipment
Accidents can never be predicted at the port of Aalborg. Therefore, we are part of the defibrillator network. There are three defibrillators in Port of Aalborg’s own buildings and a further 13 distributed across the port areas. Find the defibrillators and other rescue and safety equipment on our interactive map via computer or telephone.

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