Navigation conditions

Port of Aalborg is situated in the eastern part of Limfjorden and can be reached from Kattegat via Hals Barre or from the North Sea via Thyborøn. 

Navigation time

  • Navigation time from Hals Barre to East Port: 1 hour
  • Navigation time from Hals Barre to Central Port: 2 hours
  • Navigation time from Thyborøn: 8 hours

Water depths

  • Navigation channel via Hals Barre: 10.4 metres at mean tide level (recommended maximum draught: 9.4 metres)
  • Navigation channel via Thyborøn: 3.8 metres at mean tide level

Maintaining water depths
Due to silting up, water depths at the docks may differ from the stated depths and from depths given in official charts and navigation handbooks. However, we aim to ensure satisfactory water depths by regular dredging. To the extent possible, Port of Aalborg A/S will announce any changes to navigation conditions. However, clients and users of the port of Aalborg should always keep up to date with current conditions by contacting Port of Aalborg’s Traffic Service, which is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

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