Port of Aalborg was recently certified in four ISO disciplines at once: quality (ISO 9001:2015), risk (31000:2018), environment (ISO 14001:2015) and CSR (ISO 49001:2011) – thus, we have one of the most comprehensive management systems in the Danish port sector. It took nearly a year, one full-time employee, an associated consultant and numerous obliging Port of Aalborg staff to set up the system.

- This has been a far-reaching project, so it’s extremely gratifying to finally stand with the certificate in our hands, says Claus Holstein, CEO at Port of Aalborg, and he continues:

- The combination of these particular four management systems, in a single integrated management system, enables us to work systematically and intelligently on a daily basis, and it ensures that we run the business optimally, from both a business and an ethical point of view. This integrated management system is an exceedingly competent and effective tool for the complex, modern knowledge society in which businesses operate today.

Everything in a system
The management systems provide Port of Aalborg with a range of well-researched models for port management to use in their strategic and aligned efforts to ensure efficient management and continual improvement of work processes.

- The management systems provide tools and a general scheme for creating better control because there are established, described work processes for all scenarios. We’ve looked through an awful lot of work processes during this period, and we’ve identified a lot of areas that we could optimise, allowing us to work more intelligently. So, this has undoubtedly been a positive process for us, says Anders Klitgaard, Risk Manager at Port of Aalborg.

Business and ethical optimisation
For Port of Aalborg it is partially a question of optimising business operations by ensuring the quality of the work and minimising risks – for the benefit of both clients and the port itself. However, it is just as important to take responsibility and contribute to the community that accommodates both professional and civil life in the region.

- It’s an integral part of our business to consider both spheres because it’s impossible to separate them in a modern enterprise. Incorporating this into a more structured management system is good business for us, our clients and the people of North Jutland in general, says Claus Holstein.

The four ISO certifications cover Aalborg Havn A/S and its four subsidiaries: Aalborg Havn Logistik A/S, Aalborg Havn Areal A/S, Grønlandshavnens ejendomme A/S and NTC Ejendom A/S.

For further details, please contact:

  • Claus Holstein, CEO, Port of Aalborg, +45 9930 1500/+45 9930 1501 or ch@aalborghavn.dk 
  • Press Service (photos, text, etc.): Maja Thordahl Schou, Communication Consultant, Port of Aalborg, +45 9930 528/+45 2261 8308 or mts@aalborghavn.dk