The award, which has its origin in the Port of Aalborg’s tradition for treating their cruise ship guests to a free snack, is given to cruise industry figures who have made a difference for Aalborg. Christopher Coates and CVM definitely qualify – in 2015 alone, they will be visiting Aalborg four times, making them one of the port’s most loyal customers. 

Returning city’s pride 

Mr Coates received not only the Hot Dog of Honour for the many visits to Aalborg, but also for bringing back the Magellan (formerly the Holiday) to the city where she was built in 1985. This was her first home-coming since she left Aalborg Shipyard 30 years ago – enthusiastically witnessed by many former ship yard workers who took part in building the ship.

Ole Brøndum, Sales and Marketing Manager at Port of Aalborg said,

- Giving Christopher Coates the Aalborg Hot Dog of Honour was the obvious thing to do. Our teamwork is second-to-none, as testified by his frequent visits to Aalborg with both the Marco Polo and the Ocean Countess. That said, the award should also be seen as a token of our gratitude for bringing the Magellan back to Aalborg, thereby giving the city, its people and not least the former workers of Aalborg Shipyard the great experience of a reunion with one of the yard’s most extraordinary achievements. ​


The Magellan, christened the Holiday back in 1985, is the flagship of CMV’s eight-vessel fleet. When CVM acquired the cruise in the spring of 2015, it was renamed. 

Aalborg Happy Hot Dog Port 

Since 2011, when the Port of Aalborg inaugurated their new cruiser quay facilities, Aalborg has been known among cruise liner guests the world over as the Happy Hot Dog Port for serving the traditional Danish snack – topped by ketchup and tartare sauce, pickled cucumber, with a sprinkling of roasted onion chips. What was first meant as a creative and fun way of giving cruise guests a typical Danish experience to remember proved so popular that they have since been able to enjoy a free hot dog on landing in Aalborg. 

- It’s important for us to show our appreciation of our many visitors, and we do this by serving a true specimen of Danish culture – all for free. Most people see it as a nice gesture – and luckily the hot dogs go down well with most people, said Lars Bech, Cruise Manager at VisitAalborg.

Inspired by the Happy Hot Dog as a symbol of the city’s hospitality, renowned local bronze sculptor Lene Steffensen has crafted a limited edition of bronze hot dogs. So far only five people have had the honour of receiving the well-preservable hot dog. 

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