“The doubling of the feeder line is an expression of the opportunities we see in Aalborg and builds on the reliability and success that our weekly service has already documented in cooperation with Aalborg Container Terminal”, says X-Press Feeders, which is the world’s largest feeder shipping company, with over 60 ships transporting 2.5 million containers annually.

"We expect that this positive development will continue to grow. Many North Jutland companies are starting to realise that the connection to Rotterdam has tremendous logistical benefits for both export and import”, says Account Manager for Traffic & Operation, Jesper Skatka, of Port of Aalborg Logistics.

Both the Monday and Thursday connections are part of the Rotterdam-Aalborg-Göteborg-Rotterdam rotation, and Aalborg Container Terminal considers it a big advantage that the same shipping company is responsible for both days: Customers will always get the optimal connection to the ocean vessels in Rotterdam, regardless of which day they arrive at Europe’s largest container port.

For the North Jutland business community, it is a huge advantage that, in future, import containers can already be delivered from the terminal on Mondays. That gives them five whole work days for further handling of the goods. For shippers of frozen goods, it will now be possible to load from cold stores all five weekdays, compared to just Monday through Wednesday in the past. If Thursday and Friday were also used for packing, the containers would remain connected to power at the terminal for unnecessary lengths of time.

“We have worked hard for many months to obtain this second call and are happy that the feeder line, with much backing from the North Jutland business community, has now reached a volume of goods that makes it attractive for X-Press Feeders to double the capacity. Additionally, we are working to expand the number of Main Line Operators on the route. Currently, it is APL, NYK and Evergreen, as well as Hapag Lloyd, Hyundai and Yang Ming that lift goods out of the Port of Aalborg on an ad hoc basis and help connect North Jutland with the global transportation network”, says Jesper Skatka.