Port of Aalborg is Denmark's largest inland port, and we are currently hosting this year’s general meeting of the European Federation of Inland Ports (EFIP).

- International collaboration is important to us. Not merely for the sake of networking and cooperation. Development of the port of Aalborg and the business sector in the local community is just as important. It also gives us the opportunity to keep up to date with what’s happening in the EU – both challenges and funding opportunities, says Director of Development and HR Jesper Raakjær, who was elected to EFIP’s board of directors at today's general meeting.

After the general meeting, sustainability was on the agenda – something into which Port of Aalborg already puts a lot of effort. The Miljø++ project, for example, is an ambitious, strategic collaboration between Port of Aalborg, the Municipality of Aalborg and the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment at Aalborg University. The aim is to make the business park in Aalborg East an incubator for sustainable solutions and eco-friendly business models through mutually binding partnerships between local stakeholders. There are lots of companies already participating in the project.

- We can learn a lot from the other ports in EFIP, but they can also learn a lot from us. In Denmark, we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to greening, and we’ll continually work to develop new, green solutions together with the rest of the port sector – in both Denmark and Europe. Our partnership with the many other inland ports in EFIP will also be useful in this respect, Jesper Raakjær concludes.