A sharpened focus on attracting foreign companies are among the central reasons for Aalborg Havn to change the name to Port of Aalborg from the 1st of January.

The name change must also be seen in the light of the corporation’s recently agreed pro-active strategy plan, which in 10 years shall raise the port’s turnover from 200 to 400 million DKK and contribute with 5,000 jobs to Aalborg Municipality. A growth that must come from the establishment of new companies at the port.

- Our goal is to create value to the municipality, and we believe that an increased internalization we be one of the important keys to realizing our ambitious objective. But if we shall succeed in attracting more foreign companies it requires us to raise our view and expand our perspective. With a new name, we signalize both internally and externally that we are an international port area, and that is essential, CEO of Port of Aalborg, Claus Holstein, narrates and continues:

- From an international perspective, Denmark is quite a small country. The distance from for example Aalborg to Copenhagen is not necessarily something extraordinary seen from a foreign company’s view. And when foreign groups will establish in Denmark or in Scandinavia we must be much better at attracting them. We are competitive and an attractive city for new employees to settle.

He points out the multimodal logistic possibilities, one of the world’s best technical universities, cultural drawcards, and urban life, not to mention the city’s strong experience and concrete projects with a focus on sustainability.

Billion investment on the way
Port of Aalborg will invest massively over the following two years to meet the growth goals. According to the plan, two billion DKK will be invested in new facilities and frames in the port’s business park in Aalborg East.

- The investments are mainly aimed towards the hinterland and thereby our business park. Our assignment is no longer about handling freight over the quay, but more generally to create frames that support companies’ operation and growth – including infrastructure, modern warehouses, production facilities, and other logistic possibilities such as railway, says Claus Holstein.

Most recently Port of Aalborg has invested in a new test hall for testing windmill wings to the company BLAEST and the construction of a new factory building to the methanol fuel cell-company Blue World Technologies.

- We dare to invest in our costumers and help them develop themselves. To us, it is an important signal to send. The feat with attracting companies presume good physical frames, knowledge, and infrastructure, but it is not a “reason go to” alone. We must offer international companies to come to Port of Aalborg because we are a door or gate into a machinery of possibilities that can develop already good companies to outstanding companies. For that reason, we call our vision “gate to great”.

This year, Port of Aalborg expects to invest 200 million DKK in the frames at the East Port.

For further information:

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  • Press service: Communication Consultant Maja Thordahl Schou, Port of Aalborg, tel. 9930 1528 / 2261 8308 and mts@portofaalborg.com