Thirty years of adventure 

Since her maiden voyage in 1985, the Holiday, which was renamed the Magellan when, in the winter of 2014, British Cruise & Maritime Voyages took possession, has enjoyed an exciting career. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the Holiday was called in to help, and over two years she served as a temporary crisis centre and hospital ship for some of those made homeless by the hurricane. The Holiday was once more redirected from her ordinary duties in the west Caribbean and refurbished to serve as a four-star hotel ship during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. 

Nostalgic reunion

Despite the 30 years since her completion and several renovations, the ship was never forgotten by those who brought her into the world. It took some 3,800 workers to build the ship, many of whom turned up at quayside to enjoy a reunion with the imposing vessel. Present were also members of Aalborg’s Cannon Society, who gave the liner a noisy welcome salute. 

To mark the special occasion, 100 former ship yard workers had been invited on board for the so-called Plaque and Keys ceremony. Commercial Director Christopher Coates took the opportunity to thank the yard workers for their fine craftsmanship. After a tour of the vessel, the event was rounded off by a dinner in one of the ship’s restaurants. 

Ole Brøndum, Sales and Marketing Manager at Port of Aalborg, said: 

- There is no doubt that the Magellan is very important to Aalborg – she is the pride of the city and its former shipyard. This is clear from the crowds that were at the quay to welcome her back, and not least from the enthusiastic response to the exclusive on-board event. We’re so excited that Cruise & Maritime Voyages has brought her back to give the many people and ship yard workers the great experience of a reunion with one of the yard’s most extraordinary achievements.​ ​

Besides the on-board event the 30-year anniversary also offered an opportunity to book a voyage from Aalborg to the Magellan’s home berth in Tilbury by London. The Magellan is due to return to Aalborg in October, when more shipyard workers will be welcomed on board. 

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