Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/S recently announced that the company has been acquired by the cold storage company Lineage Logistics, which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of temperature-controlled supply chain services and modern solutions for cold storage and freezer facility management.

The acquisition comes in the wake of an ambitious growth strategy launched by Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/S, which has now been boosted by the integration with Lineage Logistics:

- The past few months have been busy. The acquisition is the culmination of a strong ambition to continuously improve our added value activities for our customers. This requires more and greater investments, and now we have Lineage Logistics, a world-leading organisation behind us, supporting further development of our business, says CEO of Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/S, Søren Søe-Larsen.

Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/S says the acquisition will not influence the company’s daily operations, which continue unaffected, also in Aalborg, where Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/S operates a nearly 2,000-square-metre cold storage facility of great importance to the company:

- We have a strong logistical location at the East Port in Aalborg, close to both the road network and sea routes to e.g. Greenland, where we have several customers. Moreover, North Jutland is a leading region within the food sector, which puts us close to the know-how and decision makers in the industry, says Søren Søe-Larsen.

Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/S has its administration in Svenstrup and is firmly anchored in North Jutland with operations in both Hjallerup and Nørresundby in addition to its activities at Aalborg port. Upon acquisition, Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/s will now become a part of the Lineage Logistics network of temperature-controlled facilities spanning more than 53.8 million cubic metres, spread across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.