The nationwide company, Marius Pedersen A/S, has purchased a 75,000 sqm. site at Port of Aalborg's business park in the East Port. The agreement is in place and the new area is set to bolster an already strong cooperation.

“Our company is already well established in the port and exports e.g. paper for recycling via the port's rail network to other countries in Europe. Now we are expanding the beneficial and long-standing collaboration with Port of Aalborg through the acquisition of 75,000 square metres in the business park, says Thomas Juulsgaard Sørensen, Regional Manager in Aalborg, Marius Pedersen A/S.

Sustainability is a cornerstone

Port of Aalborg has a keen interest in attracting companies like Marius Pedersen A/S that work with recycling and the green transition.

“Getting a green recycling cluster company like Marius Pedersen established at the port in a larger area speaks directly to Port of Aalborg's vision of attracting companies that have a profound focus on the green transition. By acquiring the new site, Marius Pedersen will become an even greater part of the business park at Port of Aalborg, and we are very pleased with the mutual cooperation and partnership,” says Jeppe Faber, Senior Commercial Manager, Real Estate, Port of Aalborg.

More space affords more opportunities

Upon acquisition of the new area, Marius Pedersen is no longer challenged by a potential lack of space to accept larger tasks, both within the sorting and treatment of waste for reuse and recycling, and tasks relating to wastewater and TV inspections in Marius Pedersen's drainage division FKSSlamson.

- Although we have outgrown our site, we have been really happy to be located in the East Port, so it suited us perfectly when Port of Aalborg offered us a 75,000 sqm site at the port, says Thomas Juulsgaard Sørensen, Regional Manager in Aalborg, Marius Pedersen A/S.

Instead of operating the company from three cadastres, Marius Pedersen can look forward to gathering their forces under one roof, thereby affording better opportunities for support between departments. As a major added-bonus, the regional manager foresees even better synergy within the company.

- Now we can consolidate all our activities enabling us to develop and handle more tasks than we have been thus far. Moreover, by acquiring the larger site, we are future-proofing the company while maintaining our connection to Aalborg East, concludes Thomas Juulsgaard Sørensen.

Construction of the new site is expected to be completed within the next few years.

For further information, please contact:

  • Thomas Juulsgaard Sørensen, Regional Manager, Aalborg, Marius Pedersen A/S, tel. 28 35 38 36 and 
  • Jeppe Faber, Senior Commercial Manager, Real Estate, Port of Aalborg A/S, tel. 29 20 72 03 and 
  • Press service: Maja Thordahl Schou, Head of Communications, Port of Aalborg A/S, tel. 22 61 83 08 and