Among the many services are, for example, canteen & meeting rooms, health care system, cleaning service, waste sorting, solar cells and much more. Port of Aalborg has partnered with a variety of suppliers to afford even the smallest companies at the port major customer benefits and consequently noticeable savings.

Specifically, this means that any company at the port can contact Port of Aalborg and thereby establish a tailor-made agreement directly with the supplier with whom Port of Aalborg has entered into an agreement.

"At Port of Aalborg, we are proud to be able to assist our customers at the port with know-how and expertise beyond their usual needs through our broad selection of service facilities. Apart from the financial benefits, the service facilities also create fertile conditions for the particular company to focus more intensely on its core operation," says Mette Schmidt, Head of Technology and Sustainability at Port of Aalborg.

Intensive focus on the green agenda

One of the many options that a company can subscribe to is, for example, waste sorting.

There is currently no standardised solution. In fact, it is up to the individual municipality to set the conditions for how citizens and businesses shall handle their waste. As rules differ from municipality to municipality, the sorting of waste can seem complex. For example, if you are a small company, some municipalities allow you to mix certain fractions together for spatial reasons. However, this unfortunately also reduces the quality of the fractions. By signing up to Port of Aalborg’s service agreement for waste sorting, Stena Recycling A/S can fill a truck in a very small area, thereby saving CO2 emissions.

Under the new subscription scheme, in which you can, e.g. opt into a waste sorting collaboration, Port of Aalborg is helping to facilitate the engagement of local companies at the port in the sustainable agenda:

“Working together to realise green ambitions enables us to effectively implement the common goals of circular economy and the government's visions of breaking the waste trends and achieving climate neutrality in the waste sector by 2030,” concludes Mette Schmidt, Head of Technology and Sustainability at Port of Aalborg.

You can read much more about the service facilities.