Safety at the oil terminal in Aalborg has been turned up a notch by the installation of a brand-new foam pump station by Port of Aalborg and the other tenants of the oil terminal.

Work on the new pump station commenced in order to address increasingly stricter safety requirements for the port and the oil companies. With the arrival of the new station, the partnership of the oil terminal actors and ICO Aalborg expect to provide a solution that will ensure the safety of the site and its neighbours far into the future.

- It has been a long yet fruitful process based on good solid preparation, during which we have also drawn on the experiences of similar projects in Denmark. Moreover, we are very pleased that we can now further raise the already high safety levels at the oil terminal. We have acquired a brand new, modern foam pump station that meets the latest standards and at a minimum ensures our safety for the next 25 years, says ICO chairperson, Mette Schmidt, who is also CTO at Port of Aalborg. She explains:

- The project´s greatest strength lies in the contributions from all actors in the area to the solution. This applies to both tenants, consultants and suppliers, as well as other actors, who have conducted similar projects and assisted with new knowledge and contexts.

The new and larger pump station was tested during the summer and currently two of the oil terminal’s tenants have already been connected, while the other tenants will transfer from the old pump station to the new one by the end of 2020.

- The new pump station is designed to increase both foam and water capacity significantly compared to the existing one. The new pump station affords exceptional safety levels, partly because the criteria for determining capacity is based on supplying the required quantity of foam or water to deal with the worst-case scenario imaginable, says Mette Schmidt and continues:

- However, it is important for me to emphasise that although the new foam pump station is now ready for use, the risk of ever needing to use it is extremely low. In fact, modern tanks incorporate extremely high safety measures and thus the risk of fire is minimal. You could say that the new foam pump station affords an extra safety measure, which we hope we will never need to deploy.

For further information, please contact:

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