Back in 2015, Port of Aalborg acquired the oil depot at Nordjylland Power Station, which was no longer used in the plant’s operation. Oil storage comprises four 55,000 cubic metre tanks, which had been inactive for more than 15 years. The port has since been busy renovating and upgrading the tanks with a view to resuming and future-proofing their operation.

In this regard, Port of Aalborg has recently laid two new pipelines, which connect the western end of the area’s port facilities with the tanks.

- Up to now, we have had an agreement with Aalborg Utilities for access to an over one-kilometre-long pump line, which runs under Aalborg Utilities area. However, as Aalborg Utilities is in full swing with a green transition of Nordjylland Power Station, which also involves major demolition work, access will no longer be possible in the near future, says Harbour Master, Claus Rosenbeck and continues:

- With the new pipelines, our customers can now moor at the port facility’s west end, and from there be connected to the tank facility. In that connection, we have also invested partly in the upgrading of some bollards from 20 tons to 60 tons bollard pull, and partly in a brand-new storm bollard that can withstand 100 tons, which shall ensure that we can also handle very big vessels along the quay.

Ready for the fuel of the future

Renovation of the tank installation in recent years has led to Port of Aalborg currently having lease agreements for all four tanks. Today, the tanks are used for the storage of bunker fuel, however, in principle the four tanks can store different products and that is precisely why Port of Aalborg has elected to invest in two pipelines instead of just one as before:

- Initially, both pipelines shall be used for transporting bunker fuel, however by having two pipelines we can now manage different products that do not tolerate mixing. Such measures help to ensure the future of the tank installation and enable us to follow developments in the shipping sector, which is still developing several more climate-friendly alternatives, says Commercial Manager, Michael Rosenkilde Lind.

Besides the Nordjylland Power Station, Port of Aalborg also operates the oil terminal in the southern part of the fjord at Rørdalsvej.

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