There will soon be even better conditions for rail freight to and from Aalborg. Port of Aalborg has recently begun a significant expansion of the port’s rail infrastructure, involving construction of a brand new terminal area covering almost 43,000 square metres in the southeastern section of the East Port in Aalborg East.

‘The demand for moving goods by rail is currently growing rapidly, and last year alone the number of single wagon loads leaving Aalborg rose by 75%. This indicates that businesses in North Jutland are really beginning to regard the railway as a serious alternative to road transport, and we fully expect this trend to continue to build momentum in the coming years. For this reason, we’re now expanding our capacity considerably,’ says Rasmus Munk Kolind, Commercial Manager at Port of Aalborg.

Room for new businesses

The first phase of the expansion will already be complete at the end of July and includes a 4,200-square-metre terminal, 190 metres of tram tracks and construction of 12,500 square metres of hard surface. During the second phase, the track will be extended to 430 metres, adding a further 4,900 square metres to the terminal area. An additional 21,200 square metres of land will enable new businesses to set up operations right next to the rail track.

‘In addition to this considerable expansion of the rail infrastructure, we’ll be able to offer companies customised solutions, whether they’re looking to purchase or lease land in a location with direct access to 4,000 European rail hubs – from their own back yard, as it were,’ says Rasmus Munk Kolind.

He explains that the second phase is expected to be finished and ready for use during the fourth quarter of this year, and he points out that further investments will be needed in the coming years:

‘We have high ambitions for our business park, and if we’re to realise those ambitions it’s crucial that we continually develop and adapt our conditions, so that we can offer flexible, eco-friendly and, not least, competitive logistics solutions on shore as well as at quayside. This is where the railway has huge potential, and moving goods by rail will play an increasingly important role in tomorrow’s transport mix as continual improvements are made to the infrastructure. As I said, we have high ambitions for the railway, so we’ll be increasing our capacity even more in the foreseeable future,’ he says.

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