Several businesses can look forward to a serious boost of the facilities for multimodal transport to and from Northern Jutland. In the coming three years, Port of Aalborg will initiate an extensive expansion of the port’s logistics centre, Nordjysk Transport Center, which among other things include the construction of an estimated 90.000 square meters of storage capacity and warehouse facilities as well as an establishment of a new terminal area.

The logistics centre will be extended with a 150.000 square meter large area to the east, bordering Port of Aalborg’s multi terminal on one side and the brand-new railway terminal on the other. Furthermore, the expansion will also include new infrastructure for road transport in the shape of new parking space for trailers.

- Now, we make a substantial strengthening of the multimodal logistics in Aalborg by creating even better conditions for easy and cost-efficient switches between different means of transportation, and thereby optimising our existing logistical setup. It is our hope that the expansion will contribute to growth among companies in the area, but also work as a measure to attract new companies, says Chief Commercial Officer at Port of Aalborg, Kjartan Ross and adds:

- At the same time, the expansion supports the increasing demand for more green ways of transportation such as railway transport which is rapidly growing. In January, we established a new railway area, and we only expect the demand to grow. Therefore, we now plan to establish yet another area with a new terminal containing almost 800 meters of tracks.

Railway transport is, however, not the only subject of high demand. Kjartan Ross points out that since 2018, Port of Aalborg has established seven new harbour storage warehouses – all with a capacity of 2.000 square meters. Almost all seven warehouses were rented out, before construction work was even completed:

- There shall be no doubt that available capacity for storage and handling of goods has been in short supply in Northern Jutland for a long time, and despite of several investments, we are still far from meeting the demand. Therefore, we now take the next steps with a large expansion of both storage facilities and terminal areas, Kjartan Ross explains.

Improved supply chain to and from the North Atlantic

Apart from meeting the increasing demand on available square meters for storage and freight handling, the expansion is also meant as a strengthening of the shipping traffic to and from Aalborg, Kjartan Ross states:

- With the expansion, we also strengthen the logistical setup for container traffic, which is both an important and attractive transportation option for many North Atlantic as well as Danish companies. The transportation to and from the North Atlantic is a market that we also in the future have a strong belief in, and one of the reasons for our new port agreement with the Icelandic shipping company Eimskip, which now has Aalborg connected to their North Atlantic sailing system.

According to Kjartan Ross, the expansion and the new agreement with Eimskip is a clear signal that Port of Aalborg will continue to play an important role in freight traffic between Denmark and the North Atlantic.

- After 2022, we naturally still aim to deliver excellent service and logistical solutions to North Atlantic and Danish companies with business connections in Aalborg. In terms of the North Atlantic market, this not only regards Greenlandic companies but also Icelandic and Faroese companies that are not necessarily directly connected to Aalborg with our new agreement with Eimskip, Kjartan Ross explains and adds:

- For instance, Unifeeder also has weekly connections to Aalborg. Unifeeder works with a wide array of shipping companies with connections to the entire globe, among others via some of the largest shipping operators. Hence, Aalborg works as a hub that are tightly connected to a global network of large shipping operators.

To match the solid setup on the seaward side, Port of Aalborg also strengthens the setup on land to remain market competitive in the future.

Danske Fragmænd sets an example

Industries and businesses have already shown great interest in the upcoming facilities. The first agreement on a 16.000 square meters large storage house has already been signed with Danske Fragtmænd, while negotiations undergo with several other companies. It is expected that new project agreements will be finalised during the last half of 2021.

- We are very satisfied that several companies take part of the project. It is of crucial for us that the market is heavily involved in the project, because it means that we can collaborate on establishing the best possible setup for all parties. We already have a comprehensive plan and framework for the expansion of the logistics centre, but the design and characteristics of the separate facilities and units are not finally determined, which is also why we look forward to further dialogue with our partners, Kjartan Ross says.

Finally, Kjartan Ross explains that Port of Aalborg is concretely working on underpinning the expansion of the logistics centre with an extension of the quay area east from the existing multiterminal.

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