Port of Aalborg is taking the first steps in an effort to increase the level of safety and security at the entire port area of Denmark’s largest inland port. Bladt Industries’ terminal at the East Port, will in the course of the summer be completely closed off for unauthorized personnel.

- Together with Bladt Industries, we have had a desire to tighten both safety and security. The port area, which includes Bladt Industries’ production area, has been part of the port's secured area since 2004, but access to the area will now be further strengthened, making it resemble what we know from, for example, airports, says Harbourmaster at Port of Aalborg, Claus Rosenbeck.

Bladt Industries is among the world's leading suppliers of offshore wind turbine foundations with both administration buildings, a factory, warehouse halls and quay facilities at the disposal in the area. Now, the surroundings are completely closed off in cooperation with Port of Aalborg, which owns the facilities.

- The facilities are already located in the so-called ISPS area, which is an international security order for the protection of maritime traffic. Now, we are closing it all off permanently, while the former gate setup is replaced with a modern system for registration, connected to a new IT system we have developed, Claus Rosenbeck explains and elaborates:

- In this way, we ensure that only authorized personnel with approved permission have access to the area. Furthermore, we get a much better overview of registered people in the area in the unfortunate event of, for example, an evacuation.

Requirements for safety and security in port areas have increased

The work of securing the terminal at Bladt Industries is just one of several initiatives Port of Aalborg has started to improve security in the area. The different initiatives are commenced as part of meeting the growing demands for more secured port facilities.

- Safety and security requirements for ports and port facilities are constantly increasing. The requirements come from authorities and from political side, with the EU generally wanting a higher level of security. In addition, several of our partners experience growing demands from their customers and suppliers. Naturally, we want to meet the interest and we thought Bladt Industries is a really good case to start with, says Claus Rosenbeck.

The strengthening of the safety level in the ISPS area at Bladt Industries is the first stage. Afterwards, work will begin with the remaining area at the port with the bulk terminal as the next stage.

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