Companies in northern Jutland are searching high and low for more storage space. Most will have to be very patient because the number of vacant rental storage facilities in North Jutland is at an all-time low. According to a market survey by commercial estate agents Nordicals, the number of vacant square metres – also known as the vacancy rate – in storage and logistics properties is down to 1.1%, its lowest level in the last decade.

Port of Aalborg is also feeling the effects of this widespread lack of vacant storage facilities, and as a consequence they have decided to erect a further three of their popular harbour storage buildings, each with 2,000 square metres of space.

- We’ve built very few new commercial and storage properties in North Jutland in recent years. We’re feeling the effects of this now. A great many companies are attempting to secure their futures and are therefore searching the market for vacant rental properties that will allow them to grow, explains Jeppe Faber, Commercial Manager at Port of Aalborg Logistics, and he continues:

- So, we’ve decided to expand the port’s storage capacity by 6,000 square metres by erecting three brand new harbour storage buildings. We’ve already seen a lot of interest in the new rental facilities, and the first building has already been rented out.

Along the lines of the current four harbour storage buildings, erected by the port in recent years, the three new rental premises will be universal storage solutions, able to adapt to each company’s needs. The new buildings will also be situated on Langerak at the port of Aalborg, which means that they will be close to Port of Aalborg’s container terminal and only a short distance from the port’s canteen. Jeppe Faber explains that the new buildings will have a ceiling height of eight metres, and this makes good financial sense for tenants:

- The height of the buildings increases the cubic metres of storage per rental space by 25%. This means that most companies will be able to rent brand new and better premises from us for the same rent as they’re paying now, he says and continues:

- What’s more, lots of companies see the benefit of renting space in the port of Aalborg due to the logistically advantageous location and the opportunity to be close to business partners as well as both existing and potential customers. The large number of operators now based at the port creates good synergies between the companies. Lots of businesses see great potential in this and would like to exploit it.’

Ground has been broken for the three new harbour storage buildings, and they are expected to be ready for use during the autumn of 2020.

For further details, please contact:

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