By means of sensors which have been installed along the roads from the port and on the motorway, the system measures the driving time for the various routes and will save road users from many delays:

 - A growing number of activities results in increased congestion which is apparent when we look at the roads to and from the port. You will often be able to save relatively many minutes by going “the right way”, and by giving road users information about driving times, we can make it easier for them to move around in the port area and avoid possible queues and wasted time, says Technical Manager at Port of Aalborg Mette Schmidt.

The traffic system is provided by Blip System, located in North Denmark. Together with COWI, they perform the calculations and show up-to-date driving times in minutes between Aalborg East Harbour and E45/E39 by way of Rørdalsvej, Ø. Uttrup Vej, Humlebakken and Universitetsboulevarden.

Port of Aalborg’s traffic measuring is not only to ease the current congestion issues at the port but it is also part of a long-term plan concerning lightening of the traffic in general in the eastern suburbs of Aalborg. When the new university hospital is completed in 2020, about 13,000 extra cars will drive on the already crowded roads in Aalborg East, making the option of alternative routes even more important. Furthermore, Port of Aalborg hopes to be an inspiration to other North Danish companies when it comes to thinking in smart, logistical solutions:

- If technology can make things a little smarter and a little more intelligent, I think we should use it, says Mette Schmidt. She continues, - It is our hope that the traffic information at the port encourages more companies in North Denmark to offer similar services. A lot of companies and people can benefit from the information from this system, including the airport, City Syd or other large companies that deal with heavy traffic.

Thanks to smart phones and tablets, traffic information is always available and accessible on Port of Aalborg’s website. Port of Aalborg also plans to communicate driving times on physical boards along exit roads to the port areas.