EH Aalborg is Aalborg's leading women's handball club with elite teams from U15 to senior levels. The club has made a good start to this season and currently sits in first place. Currently, promotion to the country’s top flight Women’s league looks likely and no doubt there are many girls running around the handball halls in North Jutland, dreaming of one day wearing the black and white jersey.

- As North Jutland’s leading women’s handball club, we have a responsibility as role models for many young handball talents and we will do our utmost to create the best possible framework for them both now and in the future, says Henrik Skals, Director of EH Håndbold.

Consequently, we have entered into a sponsorship and CSR collaboration with local companies under the name QNorth. QNorth is primarily aimed at creating value for local girls and women while strengthening the foundation of women’s sport and existing associations in Nørresundby and the surrounding area, where EH Aalborg is based. With EH Aalborg as facilitator, the association creates cultural and sporting activities with an emphasis on handball and social communities - aimed at girls and women.

There is already broad support for the project in Aalborg. The inaugural meeting was held in November to constitute the board, which comprises of EH Aalborg, Port of Aalborg, the baby clothing company Luksusbaby and the bank Sparekassen Vendsyssel. The latter is represented by the Commercial Branch Manager, Monica Aaen.

- It is important that we have women’s elite sports clubs in Aalborg, so we can ensure that young girls and women who work or study in the city do not need to leave the area to fulfil their sporting ambitions. We should be able to offer a top-class women’s club that can give sports and cultural experiences back to the whole region and that starts with support from the business community, says Monica Aaen.

For Port of Aalborg, it is no coincidence that this particular CSR collaboration was chosen.

- As a major commercial actor in the city, we have a responsibility to contribute to the fundamental well-being of the citizens both at work and in private life. Consequently, CSR is an integral part of our strategy concept, says Claus Holstein, CEO of Port of Aalborg, and continues:

- It has been important for us to sign up to a partnership, in which we not only can make a difference, but also get something back in return. We achieve this with QNorth by helping to create activities specifically aimed at girls and women, while supporting opportunities for women to cultivate top-class sport locally.
QNorth comprises of EH Aalborg, Sparekassen Vendsyssel, Port of Aalborg and Luksusbaby. However, discussions are ongoing with several interested companies with a view to expanding the group.