The future of Greenland traffic after the termination of the base port agreement on 31st December 2022 has long been uncertain. Royal Arctic Line and Port of Aalborg have been in negotiations since Royal Arctic Line announced in 2016 that they will use the port of Aarhus for all container activities in the future upon termination of the base port agreement. Now there is clarification.

- The current base port agreement expires at the end of 2022, which is definite. We have enjoyed a good and long collaboration with Royal Arctic Line. Aalborg has been the base port for Greenland traffic for 50 years and it is always a shame to come to the end of an era. But when one door closes, a new one opens, and that is a door we intend to go in, says Claus Holstein, CEO of Port of Aalborg.

Focus on North Jutland customers

The Port of Aalborg is in the process of preparing for the termination of the base port agreement and making plans for the future.

- We have long been preparing for Royal Arctic Line's possible exit from the terminal, so we are quite advanced in our planning. The container terminal will be modified from a dedicated base port for Greenland traffic to a regional container terminal that can serve and strengthen our collaboration with the North Jutland companies - existing customers as well as new ones.

Port of Aalborg estimates that there is a large customer base and sufficient demand to operate a container terminal in Aalborg, however in a new configuration.

- Security of supply to Greenland will no longer be our first priority. In the future, competition, growth, flexibility and customised solutions will be the key concepts that characterise the new container terminal and the way we service our customers, says Claus Holstein and continues:

- However, this should not be misinterpreted as we are neglecting someone. On the contrary, we will focus on supporting those customers who continue to use Aalborg in their logistics solutions for trade with Greenland and the North Atlantic. An important aspect of the operation of the new terminal is therefore to look at how we can provide optimal logistics solutions and the best product for the North Jutland companies that trade with Greenland and the North Atlantic.

New potential

Among other initiatives, the Port of Aalborg has in recent years expanded their container terminal infrastructure considerably. The railway facilities have been expanded in several phases, the first quay expansion in 30 years is currently underway, and a huge expansion of the 150,000 m2 North Jutland Transport Centre is nearing commencement.

- We are convinced that with a changed focus and development of the container terminal's operation, both quantitatively and qualitatively, we can help create development opportunities for companies in Aalborg and in the rest of North Jutland, says Claus Holstein.

At Port of Aalborg, 2022 will usher in the development of the new setup, so that in just over a year they will be ready to start the future of the container terminal and the continued trade with both Danish and North Atlantic companies, when the base port agreement ends.

For further information, please contact:

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