Whether you approach the East Port from the north or south, you can see it from afar. The 8 metres high and 12 metres wide gate that not only welcomes you to our vibrant business park but also symbolises a promise.

A promise that the business park in Denmark’s largest inland port, Port of Aalborg, is a place where business and industry receive the greatest conditions for development, innovation, and cooperation, so they can grow into world leaders in their field.

The gate, a large-scale version of Port of Aalborg’s logo, is, in other words, the materialisation of the port’s new development strategy launched in 2020. The strategy sets out ambitions for the business park up to 2030, among other things, to attract 10 to 15 big companies – preferably foreign – creating 5.000 new jobs in Aalborg. Our ambitions are achieved through massive investments in the business park’s facilities, among other initiatives.

- Companies join us because we offer the best conditions for them to develop and grow. We are their gate to great, which our new landmark and logo both symbolize. During the past couple of years, we have sharpened our focus on landside operations, including massive investments in our park, which has already helped attract several new companies, says CEO at Port of Aalborg, Claus Holstein, and adds:

- But to achieve our ambition of creating more jobs in Aalborg, we cannot rest on our laurels. That is also why we plan to invest further DKK 2 billion up to 2030 to create even better conditions for companies to develop, innovate and cooperate in and across our business park.

The cement used to construct the new landmark was donated by the Aalborg-based cement group, Aalborg Portland, that applauds the ambitions set out for the business park in the eastern part of Aalborg:

- Even though we live in a globalised world, we still believe it is important to support our group’s roots here in Aalborg. Continuous growth and job creation are crucial to the future development of the city. That is why we have chosen to support Port of Aalborg’s continuous efforts to improve conditions for business and industry, says managing director at Aalborg Portland, Michael Lundgaard Thomsen.

The construction of the new landmark was commenced on spring 2020 and completed in autumn 2020.