The annual statement of Port of Aalborg’s total expenses applies to all employed employees and the board of directors in the Port of Aalborg group which includes the parent company Port of Aalborg A/S and seven subsidiaries: Port of Aalborg Logistics, Port of Aalborg Research & Development, Port of Aalborg Real Estate, Port of Aalborg Rail, Port of Aalborg Tank Storage, Aalborg Stevedore Company, and Aalborg Toldoplag.

In recent years, travel and representation expenses have been strongly affected by the corona pandemic and limited travel and meeting activity. In 2022, however, we have noticed that social activity in Denmark is approaching a normalized state, and this has created an increase in sales and networking-oriented events compared to the past few years.

This has made it possible for us to intensify our primary ambition to attract companies and thus create new jobs in Aalborg. This growth target requires proactive action and travel expenses have thus increased to 725,634 DKK which covers the group’s eight companies together.

Representation expenses have also increased to 623,053 DKK in 2022. However, it is not at the same level as before corona due to several reasons. In recent years we have focused on reducing expenses all around the group and at the same time we have gained the important experience that a lot of meetings can advantageously be held online.

Overall, the travel and representation expenses harmonize with Port of Aalborg’s plans for development: more travel activity to attract companies and create jobs as well as limiting representation costs to reduce expenses in the group.

In other words, 2022 has brought a lot of activities which shows that we are approaching the same level as before corona.