The development of the newly partitioned area, Ankeret, at Port of Aalborg’s East Port is well-underway. While the first companies are on their way to establish themselves in the area, completely different types of newcomers are also being welcomed.

With biodiversity in mind, Port of Aalborg has, in close collaboration with the construction and landscaping company Forstas, built a habitat consisting of large tree trunks and boulders, which will create great conditions for small animals, insects and microorganisms in the area.

- Tree trunks offer favorable living conditions for insects, fungi, and other organisms, while microclimates are formed around the large boulders that retain heat and thereby attract smaller animals and lizards, says Head of Department at Forstas, Morten Bach Madsen, who adds that several of the tree trunks and boulders are placed near a rainwater basin to further strengthen biodiversity:

- Like humans, insects need water to survive, which is why waterholes often attract many different kinds of animals. This specific rainwater basin is made with flat brinks, which improve the living conditions for small animals and insects. Instead of grass, the brinks are seeded with wild and native perennials and herbs.

Nature has moved into the East Port in Aalborg

The activities of improving nature at Ankeret are part of a larger initiative to promote biodiversity in Port of Aalborg’s business park in eastern Aalborg. According to Lasse Frimand Jensen, Chairman of the Board at Port of Aalborg, the development is a clear example of how Port of Aalborg consider sustainability from a holistic perspective:

- Sustainable development is a focal point of our activities, which reach far beyond efforts to just reduce our carbon footprint. Based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we seek to include sustainability in all aspects of our business. This applies to our operations, our new buildings and facilities, as well as the overall framework we offer to other businesses, says Lasse Frimand Jensen and continues:

- Therefore, we see increased biodiversity as an important focus area as well. Firstly, it contributes to making our business park greener and more environmentally friendly. Secondly, promoting nature contributes to the beautification of the port area which benefits both employees and visitors of our business park.

Over the past five years, Port of Aalborg has converted 63,800 square meters of land for beautification and biodiversity purposes. Among other things, new shelterbelts, tree rows and flowering road verges have been landscaped.

For further information please contact:

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